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360biolabs is Australia’s most comprehensive speciality laboratory services organisation for therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostics development. We develop and conduct pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) assays across a wide variety of therapeutic areas and provide extensive support services to ensure the success of preclinical studies and clinical trials.

360biolabs has the capacity to support bioanalysis for new and established small molecules, peptides, proteins and biologics. Our industry experienced chemistry and biology teams enjoy the challenges of developing, validating and conducting sensitive quantitative determinations as well as metabolite identification and other complex analytical requests.

Our immunology experts offer comprehensive analytical support for complex biologics, extensive immune monitoring capabilities and the flexibility to develop assays for new technologies.

Our classically trained virology team, particularly experienced in respiratory virus research,  add to the breadth of 360biolabs capabilities. The virology team has a wealth of industry experience; our scientists have worked with most virus families known to science and supported many clinical trials and regulatory submissions.

The team at 360biolabs are driven by quality and our customer-focused business is founded on consistently meeting client requirements and enhancing their success. Our quality systems drive our preclinical and clinical activities from custom research to full assay validation, compliant with ICH, FDA and EMA.

Located in Melbourne, Australia’s biomedical and clinical research hub and co-located with Australia’s largest Phase 1 unit, 360biolabs is well-positioned to support your clinical requirements.

We are passionate about using cutting-edge thinking and technology to support the development of therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics.