The Australian advantage

360biolabs is an expert contract service provider supporting preclinical and clinical R&D from dedicated, world-class laboratory facilities located at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

Advantages of conducting studies in Australia:

  • R&D Tax Incentive: up to $0.435 returned for every $1.00 spent
    • Available to foreign owned entities
  • The Clinical Trial Notification (CTN) Scheme provides fast, pragmatic review and approval by Australian Ethics Committees (IRBs) for Phase 1-2 studies
    • 4-8 weeks for review and less than 12 weeks from submission to approval
    • Reduced time and cost
  • High quality healthcare system and clinical trial facilities

  • Largely urbanised diverse population
  • Strong, established CRO, logistics and laboratory networks
  • Internationally recognised quality systems
    • NATA: the world’s first and most experienced laboratory accreditation body
    • Data accepted for filing by the FDA, EMA and other authorities worldwide
  • World class Key Opinion Leaders