We offer world-leading capabilities to test and characterise antivirals, biological agents, vaccines and diagnostics. Our team has experience with a broad range of viruses and we possess an extensive curated library including clinical isolates.

Our expertise includes:

  • Virus load determination by culture and molecular methods
    E.g. Cytopathic effect, plaque reduction, yield reduction, TCID50, quantitative PCR
  • Cytotoxicity assessment
    E.g. Multiple species, tissues & endpoints
  • Specificity and selectivity
    E.g. Well-characterised, curated virus collection containing more than 300 RNA and DNA virus species, including wild-type strains, drug-resistant variants and recent clinical isolates
  • Determination of mechanism of action
    E.g. Time of addition, multiplicity of infection, resistance profiling (generation and characterisation)

  • Resistance monitoring
    E.g. Genotyping and phenotyping and re-creation via reverse genetics
  • Enzymatic assays
    E.g. Enzyme kinetics, enzyme inhibition
  • In vitro tissue models
    E.g. Diseased and healthy small airway epithelial lung models
  • Protein interference
    E.g. Human serum albumin, α1-acid glycoprotein
  • Control compounds and resistant isolates for benchmarking

Customisation and validation tailored to your needs